10th Class English Notes Punjab Board

Tenth Class English Notes Punjab Board



Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as an Educationist


Festivals of Pakistan


The Difference between a Brain and a Computer


The Blessings of God (Poem)


Hazrat Ayesha (R.A)




Human Rights & Madina Charters


A Nation’s Strength (Poem)


A Father’s Advice


The Handicrafts of Pakistan


The Menace of Drugs


he Character of a Happy Life (Poem)




Traffic Education


Letter Writing


A Fragment (Poem)


A Little Bird (Poem)


Two Wedding Ceremonies




Note: In case of full-time education, students are granted a postponement from military service (if they only use the delay for the first time.) If the student has reached the age of 18 and has already received one postponement, for example in a college, then in full-time education form, the student will not receive the second postponement) Bright student life, participation in competitions, events and holidays of the educational institution, the possibility of self-realization. When training at a free department, goodies are paid a scholarship. Few Disadvantages: Far from always the theory obtained at the university corresponds to the real situation at the enterprises. When graduating from a university, a specialist does not have at all or has a minimum of work experience, and in most cases can count, with employment, only on starting positions. Full-time (evening) form of study in a university or college. The part-time form of training presupposes a sufficiently large number of classroom classes, but of course less than full-time. With such training, attendance by students usually takes place 2-4 days a week (mostly on weekdays, less often on weekends) in the evening. In this case, deciding the question of where to go to study, you must find an educational institution that will develop the knowledge you have already acquired. Perhaps you will get another, narrower specialty that is in demand in your city, and then you will be able to use the knowledge that you received when you first learned the sciences of the first higher education.


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