1st Year Biology Notes Chapter # 1 (Introduction)

1st Year Biology Chapter # 1 (Introduction)



Note: An educated person understands the time in which he lives At the very beginning I want to note that education helps to endure humiliation. This does not mean that an educated person automatically becomes a slave and an honorable tolerant of the planet Earth. Delirium full, at the head of any rebellion or insurrection are people deeply educated and lead an illiterate plebs and ignoramuses. By the way, this can be attributed to the advantages: an educated person better finds an approach to all segments of the population, but more on this a little later. But here’s the point: an educated person understands better when to jerk, and when the discomfort caused to him is for the benefit of the future. This happens, especially in the era of change. When to fall, but when to stay, when to protest, and when to wait. 2 Education is respectful even in prison The thought is not new, but absolutely accurate. It’s not that having a crust about higher education makes you an authority is not more than a piece of paper. Respect is caused by your abilities, your knowledge and skills. Even in such a complex and terrible microcosm. In addition, in prison, in order to survive, it is necessary to strictly observe the laws of the human community: do not lie, do not annoy or violate the statutes.

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