1st Year Biology Notes Chapter # 6 (Kingdom Monera)

1st Year Biology Chapter # 6 (Kingdom Monera)


1st Year Biology Notes Chapter # 6 (Kingdom Monera)


Note: There is not enough communication – rather, on the contrary, it is even too much. Contact with the teacher through the chat, forum, Internet telephony is easier than guarding it for hours at the department. With fellow students in general you can talk for hours every day – it would be at this time. There is no control – serious universities have a clear schedule of lectures, seminars, consultations, examinations. If you do not visit them and take everything on time, you will simply be expelled. No “freebie”. Distance learning is like a correspondence course. If the student is studying in absentia, he comes to the lecture and session twice a year. Distance education in universities, which are seriously suited to its organization, is built on the type of full-time. Recently, full-time correspondence education has become a promising and widespread form of obtaining a general education, which has more pluses. A modern student can choose between compulsory school attendance every day and self-preparation for exams.

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