1st Year Biology Notes Chapter # 7 (Kingdom Protoctista Protista)

1st Year Biology Chapter # 7 (Kingdom Protoctista Protista)


1st Year Biology Notes Chapter # 7 (Kingdom Protoctista Protista)



Note: The question of whether it is worthwhile to get a higher education now is already difficult for anyone, because the answer is clear that yes, higher education is necessary, without it anywhere. The times when it was possible to get by the crust about the graduation of the school, have irretrievably sunk into oblivion. But now, before the young, and not particularly, people, there is the question of whether to get a second higher education. In this case, there is an assertion that the second diploma will never be superfluous, and knowledge, strictly speaking, will not prevent anyone. After all, getting a second higher education is not a tribute to fashion, but a necessity brought about by the state in which not only our country but the whole world has now appeared. Naturally, before deciding on admission to the university you must choose where to go to study. Nobody doubts that you need to study, but choosing an educational institution, remember that you can study all your life, but you do not live in order to learn, but study in order to live. And the second education, you most likely want to receive not because it is fashionable or prestigious today, but because you really need it. It is necessary for future work, career, and in general, a good life.

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