1st Year Biology Notes Chapter # 9 (Kingdom Plantae)

1st Year Biology Chapter # 9 (Kingdom Plantae)


1st Year Biology Notes Chapter # 9 (Kingdom Plantae)


Note: Part-time education for teenagers who seriously engage in sports or creativity (music, painting), who often have to leave. It is also an outlet for children who have difficulty communicating with the team or suffering from frequent ailments. The non-class form of training assumes an individual approach and a free regime, and in the senior classes frees time for preparation for entering the chosen university, allowing to concentrate on the basic subjects and a concrete direction. An important factor is the fact that the student can more intensively master the general educational program, for example, passing in one year two classes. However, independent study of programs sometimes harbors unexpected and serious difficulties. It should be borne in mind that, in many ways, full-time correspondence involves a responsible attitude to learning, the ability to correctly plan their time and distribute the load, adapting the student to the university’s system of education in advance, which is not always easy. It should be noted that some of the items are extremely complex, and some teaching aids are not enough.

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