Chand Mere Aangan Ka by Effit Seher Pasha

Chand Mere Aangan Ka

This is one of the best piece of Chand Mere Aangan Ka From the collection of or Written by Effit Seher Pasha It have 12 (Twelve) Pages. This is written in a very well manner especially with respect to a normal person, so that we can understand easily.


Chand Mere Aangan Ka


Note: The use of distance learning technologies involves communication between teachers and students via the Internet. The student before access to the training gets access to the corporate educational system of the university. There he can see the schedule of the session, schedule, announcements, video lectures and lecture notes, pass tests for self-examination. Lectures can be studied on schedule or at any convenient time (by finding entries in the “materials” section). In addition, each student has access to the electronic library. The session he can take on the same system, passing tests on the relevant subjects. Serious minuses are only two: on the correspondence form there is no postponement of service in the army and will have to study on average for a year longer. And one local minus: from September 1, 2017 the correspondence form of training in the direction of the preparation of the bachelor’s program “Jurisprudence” is possible only with the receipt of a second higher education.

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