Mcat Physics MCQs with Answers

Mcat Physics MCQs


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1st Year Physics Solved Numericals Notes



Note: How fortunate: we were taught by the acting lawyer about the civil law, the actuary was talking about insurance, and the auditor is the owner of the audit firm. There are also counterexamples: state management, macroeconomics, the theory of the firm was read to us by pure theoreticians, who in fact retold the textbooks. – Huge time. 4-5 years every day for several hours. Can not argue with that. This is probably the most important drawback of the “tower”. Time is a valuable and irreplaceable resource. Personally, I believe that higher education is given too early. In 17-18 years, the person has not yet been formed, life interests have not been determined, and the choice of education is not realized, but under external pressure. As jokes, for girls, the university decodes how to “get married successfully,” and for young people – “the opportunity to escape from the shaving.” After that, it is not surprising that graduates consider the “tower” a lost time. The most optimal option would be to make a higher education with a qualification, as for an MBA.

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