But Shikan by Khan Asif PDF

But Shikan by Khan Asif

This is one of the best piece of But Shikan From the collection of or Written by Khan Asif It have 280 (Two Hundred and Eighty) Pages. This is written in a very well manner especially with respect to a normal person, so that we can understand easily.


But Shikan by Khan Asif


Note: The lack of real, “human” communication between pupils and teachers. That is, all those moments associated with an individual approach to learning are missing; Regular rigid self-discipline is necessary, the result of training directly depends on the student’s independence, abilities and consciousness; Constant access to sources of educational materials (electronic textbooks, video materials, etc.) is necessary. This requires a good technical equipment at home; lack of practical exercises necessary to consolidate the theory and better assimilation of knowledge; the term of study is more for a year, and is not less than 5 years in the university; student life is not as bright and intense as in full-time education. An independent study plan is an independent study of the academic disciplines in the chosen area of ​​training (specialty) with subsequent certification (current and final). The implementation of the individual curriculum of the student is determined by the internal regulatory and legal acts of the educational organization. To clarify the possibility of training on an individual plan, you must contact the admissions office of the educational organization.

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